4 Steps to Investing with Maggie Gomez

4 Steps to Investing with Maggie Gomez

This 4 step guide includes everything you need to get your money growing! Maggie will walk you through identifying the cash you need, how to begin, account options and where to start your first investment!

About Maggie

Maggie is a Certified Financial Planner who’s worked for Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, and E*Trade. After realizing only wealthy individuals had access to quality financial advice she left to create her own company, “Money with Maggie,” where you can receive help regardless of your net worth. She’s created over 90 finance and investing videos on her YouTube channel, offers 1:1 sessions, and has a course to help beginners get invested with confidence. Her goal is to make it easier for people to start investing sooner.

4 Steps to Investing –
Quick Start Guide

Set your Budget

Choose your account type

Open your account

Select your investments


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