Productivity with Latika Vines

Productivity with Latika Vines

As a working mom, we tend to procrastinate because we are overwhelmed with the amount of tasks we have on our list; but when you are able to map out what needs to be accomplished and have a plan to tackle it, it won’t appear as overwhelming. And with that map, you now have time to enjoy the things you want to do. 

In this Workshop, you will learn the exact system you need to become the most productive version of yourself, so you can get back to the things you enjoy or want to do – like focus on your career.

You will learn how to: 

  • use a task manager to plan your household tasks
  • focus for periods of time while avoiding burnout by changing the way you work
  • develop the habit to boost your productivity
  • stay motivated to keep going
  • set up your week for success 

This workshop is based on research, as well as my own experience as a working mom of four young girls, a wife, employee, and business owner. The strategies inside are neatly packaged and presented in a format that makes it easy to digest and implement. 

About Lakita

Latika Vines is a Baltimore, Maryland native, currently residing in the Southern part of the state with her husband and four young daughters. Latika empowers working mothers, in male-dominated industries, to lead and grow in their Careers while strengthening Organizations to retain them. Latika is a firm believer that everyone has a life, career, and/or business vision, and although that vision can get blurry and put on the backburner at times it must be picked back up and turned into an initiative (ACTION)! 

As an 3x Author, Career Development Strategist/Learning Officer and Work-Life Balance Advocate & Educator, and CEO, Visionary Initiatives, LLC, Latika partners with Tech, Law Enforcement, and Professional Services Organizations to develop their Workforce, particularly their Working Mothers, through Career Development Workshops, Strategies, and Coaching to increase Employee Satisfaction, Improve Productivity and Retention and Career Mobility. Additionally, Latika is the host of The Latika Vines Show, a work and life balance podcast for working moms.

Latika has over fifteen years of Career/Workforce Development and Learning & Development experience and has been certified in Human Capital Strategist and Strategic Workforce Planning from Human Capital Institute, and Performance Consulting for Trainers from The Training Clinic. Latika has also received her certificate in Women Entrepreneurship from Cornell University.

In addition to growing her career and empire, Latika is the International Association of Women – Waldorf Chapter President, providing mentorship and guidance to women in the Southern Maryland area to achieve their life, career and business goals.


The Career Development Resource Newsletter is committed to empower, inspire, and highlight stories, career journeys, and all things working moms experience in growing their career; while providing resources for Organizations to develop their working mother workforce

Our goal is to always provide you with: 

  1. Awareness of Career Growth and Work-Life Balance Strategies
  2. Awareness of Career Paths for Working Mothers
  3. Strategies to Improve Communication amongst Employees and Supervisors 
  4. Awareness of Workforce Development Initiatives (e.g. Conferences, Training, Workshops, etc…) for the Working Mom Workforce

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