Coaching Launch Checklist & Website Tips with Rajeena Nizamudeen

Launch Checklist & Website Tips with Rajeena Nizamudeen

When I sat on zoom across the world from Rajeena for the first time I was amazed.

It was a full circle moment, this is what Momma Has Goals was all about. I was thrilled to meet this Momma from India. As I listened to Rajeena talk about her story and building of her business.

Beyond wanting to be home with her little girl, Rajeena knew she had a bigger calling. Not only did she follow her own dream- she now helps other women and mother’s be successful in following their dreams!

Rajeena is sharing her step-by-step launch checklist with you here!

About Rajeena

Rajeena is an architect turned website and launch expert helping female coaches and creatives turn their visions into their own signature launch experience. Rajeena helps entrepreneurs with design, and automation to take the stress out of websites, funnels, and launches.

Beyond her business Rajeena is a full-time mom, travel enthusiast, core foodie, avid reader, calligraphy addict and still very passionate about architecture. She can be found simply staring at buildings for more than an hour if they are functionally and aesthetically fulfilling.

Rajeena’s keen eye for design and functionality, assist her expertise to implement a business strategy for creative entrepreneurs who are passionate and ready to up their game, in terms of their business.

Looking forward to launching or relaunch your
coaching program. Here are few steps you need
to make sure completed before your launch

Ways Rajeena can Support You


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