Communication & Growth Techniques for You and Your Family with Madhur-Nain Webster LMFT

Communication & Growth Techniques for You and Your Family with Madhur-Nain Webster LMFT

Learn about the parenting tools, the self-improvement tools, and the marriage tools. We must all put in the work.

About Madhur-Nain

Madhur-Nain Webster’s life has consistently been balanced by ancient traditions of meditation. By using yogic tools such as chanting and deep breathing, she has always been able to recenter herself so that she could respond rather than react to various struggles she has faced.

Her conviction of the positive influence that meditation has on the psychology and well-being of a person plays a major role in her approach to therapy. As a licensed marriage and family therapist (26 years married herself and mom of two grown boys) she holds a successful private practice in Napa, California, Madhur-Nain often encourages the use of yogic philosophy and meditation tools to assist clients self-reflect so they can self-correct.

She believes that yogic technology is the future of psychotherapy, since it supports clients as they bring polarized thoughts into harmony. For over twenty years, she has been deeply committed to helping people discover and build self-trust, expanding their potential to handle stress, anxiety, and depression.

With an ongoing love for humanity and fascination with the human mind, Madhur-Nain Webster aspires to educate a wide audience on the innate power of being a mindful individual. Her mantra — “breathing keeps you alive, but meditation keeps you sane” — is a basic tenet of her lessons. She regularly holds yoga teacher training and workshops worldwide to share her experience and knowledge with others. Her first book, The Stressless Brain (2018), is an accessible integration of eastern and western therapeutic methods that illuminate the importance of yoga and meditation on the psyche. She is currently writing her second book, similarly focused on mental health. A major component of Madhur-Nain’s work involves meditation music focused chanting, much of which is available for free on her website and audio streaming services. “If meditation is a washing machine for your mind,” she says, “then chanting is spot remover.”

Why Date Nights Are Important for Parents.

Having kids is life changing. It is also relationship changing. Watch this video to learn about date nights when you have kids.

Chanting with Children

What does it mean to chant with your child? What does it mean to practice prayer with your child? Learn the importance of creating inner awareness and peace with chanting with your child.

Resolving Conflict with Children (or anyone!)

Madhur-Nain walks through a few tools for dealing with conflict and arguments with anyone but especially children.

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