Connection with Your Family Utilizing Love Languages & Beyond with Charise Freeman

Connection with your Family Utilizing Love Languages & Beyond with Charise Freeman

Let me tell you about Charise. Charise signed up as a vendor and sponsor for my first launch event. Since then she has been a key member in the Momma Has Goals Community. Her techniques and approach to motherhood are inspirational and I learn something every time we’re together. I am so excited to have her lay out this 5-step guide for busy moms to foster a deeper connection with their families, as well as her preview to her 90-day connection guide, AND you can catch the replay of her live session in our community call that was SO GOOD.

I promise you, regardless of the age of your children or dynamic in your home these will all bring you so much value when it comes to communication, showing love, and understanding each other.

About Charise

Charise Freeman is a visionary with the mind of a mogul & heart dedicated to serving others. She is an absolute natural at creating meaningful relationships. Her passion for authentic women empowerment & mother-daughter relationships was realized & born from contribution of her propensity of supporting, uplifting, encouraging, championing, & deeply befriending her sisters in arms. She is an open book & has a pressure-creates-diamonds background; where others have cracked & broken, she has built back stronger & with a bigger heart for contribution every time. While you will find yourself captivated & connected with her story, she also has the natural ability to keep focus on YOU & help YOU self-actualize beyond any & all your own perceived limitations!

She naturally mastered the art of contribution to meaningful relationships with women before she set on a path to PURPOSEFULLY improve, grow, & nurture this skill–& most importantly, apply this in her relationship with her daughter. Through this journey, she removed limitations from within herself than she never previously realized she would be able to. Her passion was next ignited to remove these same limitations in her relationship with her daughter.

She grew in love–& it is her mission to show you how to Grow in Love too! She has been building this dream to share with others since leaving the U.S. Air Force in 2011 after serving 8 dedicated years. Strength & serving continues to be her calling! You can hear her story through her self-written song, The S.O.A.R. Woman, her Growing in Love Together Podcast, or read in her book Growing in Love Together: A Military Mother’s 90-day Guide to a Greater Connection with Her Daughter. However, the best & most captivating way to get to hear her story & gain from her knowledge in relationship empowerment is to simply have a captivating conversation with her! All of her speaking formats are intimate–you & all audiences can come ready to grow, flourish, & connect!

90-Day Guide to a Great Connection

The first 10 pages of my 90-Day connection guide for moms! This guide incorporates the love languages with each connection tip and each connection is no more than 30 minutes.


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