Declutter Your Life & Protect Your Energy With Lakin Hunter

Declutter your Life & Protect your Energy with Lakin Hunter

I was searching for the right resource to help clear the mental and physical clutter. When Lakin shared her life audit wheel, and her format for decluttering your life, I knew she was a perfect fit. Lakin presented to our community and below we share the recording from that session as well her workbook download to get you started!

In this session Lakin covers:

1. How to do a life audit
2. Actionable steps to decluttering your home and systems to keep it that way.
3. How to declutter other categories of your life and how to set boundaries.
4. How to deal with the energy vampires with actionable steps to protect you and your energy.

About Lakin

Lakin, her scottish husband, and 9-year old daughter reside in Washington DC.

Lakin is a certified mindset coach, creator, and founder of For Your Evolution. She is fiercely committed to helping the ambitious upgrade their mindset and edit their life so they can create a life bigger than their wildest dreams. 

With challenges, courses, and direct coaching Lakin helps men and women declutter, thrive, and pursue their best self.

Declutter your life presentation to Momma Has Goals community

Change Your Life in 20-Days, Life Audit Workbook

What does it mean to get intentional? It’s about waking up feeling excited for the day, no longer experiencing life from the passenger seat. It’s about finally saying yes to those really big ideas you’ve had on your heart for years, no longer talking yourself into believing “it’s not the right time” or “when things slow down a little bit”
-Lakin Hunter


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