Manifestation and the Moon Cycle with Erin Hollon

Manifesting your Big Goals and Dreams with Erin Hollon

The most important foundations of powerful manifesting are learning to tune in to nature and align with your highest self. By embracing the laws of the Universe, you’ll become confident in your ability to create a life you love with grace, speed, and ease!

Let’s start with one of the simplest and most powerful ways to attune to Universe: getting aligned with the Moon Cycles!

About Erin Hollon

She’s the founder of Ivy+Light Wellness Community, where she serves as CEO as well as sharing her gifts as a crystal and reiki healer, life and business coach, and wellness educator. It is her strongest desire to help you discover how aligning with nature creates a life full of purpose and joy.

From accessing the healing power behind crystals and essential oils to techniques to help you attract abundance, you’ll discover the tools and universal principles to manifest your big goals and dreams! Ivy+Light offers a wide variety of products and services to help you on your journey, including the natural tools mentioned above, as well as courses to help you learn and implement manifesting and healing techniques.

Erin is passionate about sharing what she has learned through her own physical healing journey and beyond, to even more profound emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation. She no longer suffers from anxiety or depression. She’s more patient, joyful, and focused on creating a wonderful life rather than waiting for life to make her happy. Through tuning in to nature and understanding her full potential, she has found a way to unlock a brighter reality and help others do the same.

“It is such an honor to share what I have learned with others, and see their lives transformed and their dreams coming true!” –Erin

Manifesting with the Moon Cycle

Learn why aligning with the moon cycle is such an important and powerful part of the manifesting process. Join Erin as she explains Intention Setting and Releasing with the New and Full Moon and the science behind this powerful practice.

Download this packet for a short guide on Moon Ceremony Resources by Erin!

4 Steps to Manifestation

One: Start with Gratitude! 

Two: Clear Intentions! 

Three: Review your Progress! 

Four: Focus on the Energy of your Goals

New Moon Crystals and Oils

I love these bonus videos from Erin sharing which crystals and essential oils are best to boost the benefits of your New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies. Dive in!

Full Moon Crystals and Oils

Want more?

Grab Erin’s New and Full Moon Ceremonies Bundle for 25% off with code MOMMAMANIFEST 

Grab BOTH the New Moon Intention Setting + the Full Moon Releasing, and you’ll be all set for aligning your manifestations with the Moon Cycles for years to come!

Increase your Manifesting Power with our Quarterly Planner and Daily Manifesting Journal!

About the Journal:
WHAT IT IS: Over 90 pages of guided intention setting, gratitude, clarity, creativity, and reviewing your goals

QUARTERLY PLANNING: Gain focus and clarity on your quarterly goals, as well as the energy that will attract them into your life

MOON CYCLE: Maintain that manifesting momentum with monthly intention setting and releasing, using the energy of the moon

DAILY JOURNAL: Increase intentionality and motivation with daily Gratitude Journal entries

SELF CARE: Includes Affirmation pages and Coloring Pages to encourage mindful moments and creative inspiration

BONUS PRINTABLES: Includes a printable packet, with lots of extras, including Affirmation pages to fill out and pin to your wall for daily inspiration

Benefits to Expect:

  • Discover which shifts you can make to your Energy, Effort, and Environment to increase your Manifesting Power
  • Align with the energy of the Moon Cycles to use the energy of the Universe to your advantage
  • Stay organized and efficient as you track both Primary and Secondary Goals
  • Start each day with Positive Momentum by focusing on Gratitude and your Daily Intentions
  • Boost your Personal Growth by reflecting on your accomplishments and recognizing room for growth
  • Release Blocks and Limiting Beliefs each month so you can start fresh
  • Manifest your big goals and dreams with more grace, speed, and ease!


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