Feb Goal Guide Day 10

10febAll DayFeb Goal Guide Day 10Take 15 minutes or longer for this one!

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Treat yourself to a special treat or indulge in a favorite hobby.

Here are a few ideas!

  • Buy some fresh bathroom supplies. Few things have a more luxurious feel than a well-crafted bath. To create a complete haven of relaxation, purchase (or make yourself!) some natural soaps and lotions, then add some essential oils. Enjoy your blissful moments while holding a candle and reading a wonderful book.
  • Treat yourself to a fancy coffee drink or other beverage
  • Take a yoga class. Give yourself permission to spend an afternoon at your preferred studio, followed by a lengthy shower or a cup of tea.
  • A vision board is a fantastic method to organize your thoughts and harness the power of your dreams, whether you’re by yourself or with a companion. As you gather motivational images and stick them on a huge piece of paper or poster board, let your imagination go wild.
  • Have a movie night! Relax and be comfortable! Choose a movie, include friends if you wish, and then relax.

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