Feb Goal Guide Day 12

12febAll DayFeb Goal Guide Day 12Set aside a few extra minutes for your get-ready routine!

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Today’s prompt is given to our community from Joy Bartholomew

We often find ourselves rushing to get it all done, and in the chaos of life, we often grab what’s comfortable and easy to wear for the day. The “staple” yoga pants, the over-sized sweatshirt, the messy bun.

If you are what you eat, then you act how you dress.

What I would love for you to do is slow down. Let some of the busyness pass you by for just a moment and to reconnect with yourself on a more feminine or in a more polished manner.

On a day this week, when you’re getting ready, take a few extra minutes to connect with an up-leveled and poised version of yourself. Dress in clothes that fit you well and that you love. Do your hair in way that you find flatters and gives you joy. Add a little color to your lips and cheeks to make you smile.

Adding a little pizzaz to your outfit can change the way you stroll through your day, with your head held high and a saunter in your step. Let it bring you confidence to tackle anything that comes your way. It’ll make running those errands a little more elegant and special. It can bring an added quality to your day. So dress to impress….yourself.

Take a few minutes to fall in love with you. Fall in love with caring for yourself and dressing for yourself.

Joy is a divorced momma with 2 teens and 2 big fur-babies. She is a divorce coach, podcaster, yoga teacher, and retired police officer. Just like so many women, she wears a lot of hats. She helps women who are in that season of divorce to manage expectations through the process, learn to co-parent and rebuild amazing single lives.

Don’t think you are in this by yourself. We are not meant to do life alone.

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