Feb Goal Guide Day 14

14febAll DayFeb Goal Guide Day 14Take a moment to love on yourself.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!
Take today to share some love with yourself! Grab a piece of paper or open up the notes app on your phone and use the template below as a guide to make your own.

“Dear Self,

Happy Valentine’s Day! This note is one small measure of our self-journey, Congratulations to us! The funny thing about the relationship between us (me and you, myself) is it’s the only relationship I’ve had from the first breath I took and will continue to have until my last. It’s the longest and deepest. And to think we don’t always prioritize it, I’m sorry for the moments I haven’t, but I’m here to always improve it.

Because at the end of the day, I have to remember you’re the one I’ll always have- no matter what. Me for me. Me against me. Me with me.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me, to us.

Next year, when you review this letter again I want you to remember..

We are strong.
We are worthy.
We are loved.
We are learning.
We are growing.
We are perfectly imperfect.
We are proud.
We are deserving.
We are beautiful.
We are anything we want to be, and we can do this.


Me, Your true forever Valentine.”

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