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Today’s prompt is given to our community from Kristina Halkowycz

Listen to your favorite song and have a dance party.

Music always makes me feel better especially when I feel stuck or in a rut. I love to wake up in the morning and put my favorite music on and dance around as I’m making my children’s lunch for school. When my kids wake up in a grumpy mood or even when I wake up not feeling the best this always turns our moods around.

I promise you will feel better because you’re moving your body and letting that stagnate energy move around.

My name is Kristina and I’m a mom of two. My daughter, Isa, short for Isabella is 11 years old and my son Luka is 9. My husband and I both grew up in New Jersey and we are both Ukrainian. We grew up speaking the language and our kids are learning to speak it as well but understand everything.

I am a self-love coach for women, a reiki healer and a pilates instructor. I love to help women and moms like me achieve their ultimate goals while being the best version of themselves.

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