Dec Goal Guide Day 3

03decAll DayDec Goal Guide Day 3This core activity will take 20 minutes as a family. Options to build upon it for more!

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Did you know snowflakes are unique? But actually! You can learn all the different thoughts on that below. Share one thing that is unique about each member of your family as a group tonight. Choose to say it about yourself or point out the uniqueness in someone else!

Click here to listen to or read the children’s story on Wilson Bentley and snowflakes

This video is for even younger littles, “No two alike”

Want something more educational? Try this video or this one here!

Share a family photo in the All the Momma’s Group of you at the snow from this year or a previous one! If you haven’t been share a photo that makes you happy!

Looking for more? Here you can find snowflake activities and crafts for all ages!

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