Financial Foundations with Maggie Gomez

Financial Foundations with Maggie Gomez

The financial workbook is a great place to organize your finances, create a budget, create a debt payoff plan, track your net worth, set your goals, find helpful calculators, and more! If you’re feeling scattered with your financial life, wanting to direct more towards investing or other goals, then this will help you get there. The video shows you how to use the financial workbook!

About Maggie

Maggie is a Certified Financial Planner who’s worked for Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, and E*Trade. After realizing only wealthy individuals had access to quality financial advice she left to create her own company, “Money with Maggie,” where you can receive help regardless of your net worth. She’s created over 90 finance and investing videos on her YouTube channel, offers 1:1 sessions, and has a course to help beginners get invested with confidence. Her goal is to make it easier for people to start investing sooner.

Establishing Your Financial Foundation

Sorting through our finances can be overwhelming. With so many things to accomplish, it’s difficult to know how to prioritize it all. This video explains the important things to have in place prior to investing and helps you understand what to tackle and in which order to make the biggest impact long term.

Download the workbook below and follow the video tutorial to lay your financial foundation!

Financial Foundation Workbook Tutorial with Maggie Gomez


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