Finding Your Purpose with Ta’Quonna Lampkins

Finding Your Purpose with Ta’Quonna Lampkins

Ta’Quonna is such an asset for women and mothers! 

Between her 1:1 and group coaching, to workshops she guides you to push forward and live out the life you are meant for!

It all starts with mindset, in this training Ta’Quonna walks through establishing a growth mindset. Those with a growth mindset are more resilient, able to cope with failure and set-backs, and are more likely to challenge themselves!

Below Taquonna will walk you through 10 Stepping stones to discover your purpose, how to have a growth mindset, and a healthy self esteem!

About Ta’Quonna

Life Coach and Founder of Push Forward with Purpose. Ta’Quonna  is a mental health advocate, entrepreneur, and mother of a teen and newborn from Fullerton, CA!

Her passion is encouraging and motivating others to have a successful and fruitful life. In all her endeavors she seeks to empower and implement change in the lives of those who desire to elevate their lives. Ta’Quonna values meaningful relationships and standing up for what is right; this has led her to leave long lasting impressions on women and children.

As a life coach one of the techniques she is certified in is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Through this, Ta’Quonna helps empower women who are stuck behind their negative thoughts, fears, and doubts about their future. With her coaching they are able to Push Forward into their Purpose feeling confident, positive and empowered.

Use the guide to support Taquonna’s Video above!

It all starts with your mindset!

Once you believe in yourself and take the first few steps you will be amazed what follows. 

Ta’Quonna outlines the first actionable steps you can take to make this a part of your life and unfold the possibilities!

More from Ta’Quonna

The Push Forward with Purpose LLC is built upon 7 pillars that are used to support the transition of these women into the life they desire.

1. Growth Mindset
2. Emotional Intelligence
3. Redefining Purpose
4. Creating the Vision
5. Goal setting
6. Networking
7. Push Forward with Purpose Plan


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