6 Week Postnatal Rehab & Return to Exercise Program with Gemma Ovens

6 Week Postnatal Rehab & Return to Exercise Program with Gemma Ovens

The 6 week postnatal rehab program teaches mothers how to detect core dysfunction symptoms and safely rehab and return to activity. The program starts with a screening for abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti), followed by breathing and stretching exercises to strengthen the core. As the program progresses, you will proceed to full-body workouts to promote strength and posture.

About Gemma Ovens

Gemma started competing in sports at the age of five! She had an athletics coach since she was nine years old! Her major event was track and long distance running. She began playing rugby union at the age of 21 and continued for 7 years!

She always exercised weights in the background and continued to do so throughout her first pregnancy!
Her profession has always centered around sports and fitness. In the UK, she teaches secondary physical education while also running her own fitness business focused towards mothers!

Then she had a C-section, and being from a sports background, she wanted to get back into shape. She knew she needed to rehab as a certified pre/postnatal trainer, but she was surprised by the lack of postnatal exercise assistance for new mothers! As a solution, she created a 6-week rehab and return to activity safely program! Her purpose is to raise awareness of Diastasis Recti and to assist mothers in safely returning to exercise after having a baby!

Gemma’s 4 facts for post-pregnancy exercise


Diastatis Recti happens in all pregnancies to accommodate the growing baby. 7/10 mums will find their abdominal muscles return to functional 8-10 weeks Post baby. Leaving approximately 3/10 mums with Diastatis Recti (ab separation)


Happy mum = Happy baby
Gemma encourage all mums to make time for their own selfcare.


Selfcare and changing habits and mindsets to ensure they make that time for them without the ‘mum guilt’ and the exercise and rehab is necessary.


We are led to believe that once we have had a baby symptoms such as incontinence, pregnant looking belly and back ache are just things we have to live with – this is not true ladies, these are core dysfunction symptoms that can be treated.


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