Nanny Hiring and Relationship Strategy with Dr. Sarah Nadimpalli

Nanny Hiring and Relationship Strategy with Dr. Sarah Nadimpalli

When I heard Sarah’s mission I loved it! At the beginning of my parenting journey we interviewed a few care providers and we’re blessed with a great option! However, as our lives changed and our care provider retired we fell into what too many parents experience, a lack of childcare and little understanding into the world of present day nanny’s.

Sarah provides amazing resources to help you navigating hiring a nanny, setting you both up for success, and nurturing the relationship.

Because there are so few resources for parents when they search for a nanny (outside of working with a nanny agency), Sarah created the Same Team framework to help parents get past their fears to find and work with nannies the right way. 

Sarah will empower you to budget for, find, and interview nannies who meet your needs.

About Sarah

Located in Rhode Island, Sarah is a nurse who holds a PhD in Nursing from New York University. After struggling to find the right nanny for her work and life she applied her research lens to address a problem I frequently encountered as a mom: finding and securing great in-home childcare. I am thrilled to show you my framework on how to do this!

Every parent hopes to have someone they love caring for their child when they can’t, and every nanny hopes to find that family that just feels great to be a part of!

The best thing we can do as parents is start that relationship off on the right foot from the start!

Sarah helps you get ready for the interview with these 10 tips!

The Same Team Daily Checklist

This checklist from inside Sarah’s parent and nanny same team course allows for clear daily communication.

This is the essential daily communication tool for parents and nannies!

Check out Sarah’s free workshop and paid course to learn more on how to utilize this checklist.

Sarah has a free workshop on hiring your nanny and setting your relationship up for success! Check it out below!


Whether you already have a nanny, or you’re looking to have one join your family- Sarah’s course breaks down how to have the best working relationship and truly be on the Same Team!

This is a course you and your nanny take together to truly know you are both on the same page and are honoring and respecting each other.

Sarah has graciously provided our community with 20% using code MOMMAGOALS23


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