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Other Achievements You Can Complete to Earn Points!

Coming In Hot

20 Points

Complete profile information and add a photo to your Profile

2 Steps

  1. Complete profile information
  2. Add a Photo to Your Profile

Growing Momma

20 Points

Read Five Resources

1 Step

  1. Open and read a resource in the filing cabinet 5 times

The Supportive Momma

20 Points

Send a connection request 10 times

1 Step

  • Send a Connection Request to 10 Other Mommas

The Leading Momma

20 Points

Have 5 Friends Accept Your Connection Requests

1 Step

  • Have 5 Connection Requests Get Accepted

Consistent Momma

20 Points

Login to the App 20 Times in One Month

1 Step

  • Login to the App 20 Times in One Month

The Contributing Momma

20 Points

Make 10 Comments or Like 50 Posts

2 Steps

  • Comment on an Activity Update 10 Times
  • Like an Activity Post 50 Times

Goal Guide Completion

5 Points

Earn 5 Points Per Goal Guide Completion!