Self Talk Practice for Student Athletes with Paige Tonz

Self Talk Practice for Student Athletes with Paige Tonz

In this video Paige walks you through how to get started with positive self talk and the importance of affirmations!

About Paige

Paige Tonz grew up in Peoria, AZ and began playing softball at 8 years old. She has competed at many levels; starting with rec ball, moving to club ball, and competing as a D1 athlete at Northwestern University. Her mission and goal is to help transform girls into strong women beyond the playing field or court. Paige has worked with 1000+ athletes in her programs and workshops. She believes girls have so much opportunity to dream bigger than they ever imagined. Because sports was and still is such a big part of Paige’s life, she has had a first row ticket to see how the experiences from sports can be a vessel to success in life on and off the field.

4 Tips from Paige for Parents to Support their Athlete


Ask questions rather than always trying to tell your athlete what to do or fix to help them learn from the game, day, or experience they had.


Acknowledge their progress over their results!


Set a no-talking-about-the-game boundary for 12-24 hours after a game.


Start actually working on mindset at an early age! Follow the self talk practice below!


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