Set Your Week Up for Success with Kelsey Smith

Set your week up for success with Kelsey Smith

I remember a period of my life where I felt like I didn’t even know what a weekend was. If I wasn’t working we we’re so busy with other commitments and events. I felt behind every Sunday night and like I was steam rolling into the week without even being able to catch my breath.

Can you resonate with any of that?

It took a few years but I finally was able to develop a streamlined approach to set myself up for success each week. I actually work more now and we are happier and more on top of our schedules, goals, and happiness than ever.

In this video I’ll be walking you through the tried and true method to identify a schedule and framework that works for your family to have a week of happiness and accomplishments!

About Kelsey Smith

Kelsey is the mom of two, wife, vineyard owner, and the owner and founder of Momma Has Goals.

After the complicated delivery of her first son, Kelsey had the realization that while she had accomplished many “goals”, they weren’t goals that brought her fulfillment.

As she woke up from surgery she wondered if she hadn’t woken up, what story would she leave behind?

Would her children know what brought her joy? What she stood for? This experience led Kelsey to her own journey of fulfilment and self discovery where she had the massive realization that this feeling was far too common for mothers all over the world. Kelsey knew she needed to normalize moms having big dreams + making their own fulfillment a priority, so she created a space that helped women and mothers do just that.

In the fall of 2021 Kelsey got to work building the Momma Has Goals app and now she leads women to the life of their dreams for themselves and their family with the mission to help all current and aspiring mommas find their highest self in and outside of motherhood.

Kelsey offers one to one coaching and strategy sessions as well as team trainings if you’d like to connect with Kelsey on these programs send her an email at to see what is currently available or learn more at


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