Many moms lose themselves in motherhood. They’re often not even sure when they stopped being themselves and they don’t know who they are outside of the title, “mom”. We help moms navigate mom guilt, find the time in their schedules, and then pursue happiness and an identity outside of motherhood, because you are so much more than the amazing but tiring title of mom.

We allow women to connect and sub communities and pods based on interest and season of life, from reading, to age of children, or special dynamic in the home. Resources and industry experts are available in the groups for support as well as women navigating the same things!

The events include our own events from coworking and goal check-in calls, specific learning sessions, virtual and in-person networking, and our resource lead events!

Momma’s filing cabinet showcases female entrepreneurs and resources for all areas of life for women in pursuit of their own goals and identity or their parenting journey. Filterable and searchable by keywords and categories, from mental health, financial resources, business, career, child development, home and life, and so much more!

The Momma Has Goals community connects current and aspiring moms from all walks of life to create a life of success defined on their terms alongside their family.


After the complicated delivery of her first son, Kelsey had the realization that while she had accomplished many “goals”, they weren’t goals that brought her fulfillment.
As she woke up from surgery she wondered if she hadn’t woken up, what story would she leave behind?
Would her children know what brought her joy? What she stood for? This experience led Kelsey to her own journey of fulfillment and self discovery where she had the massive realization that this feeling was far too common for mothers all over the world. Kelsey knew she needed to normalize moms having big dreams + making their own fulfillment a priority, so she created a space that helped women and mothers do just that.
From her own journey Kelsey now leads our community of over 1000 women pursuing their own identity and goals without sacrificing their desire to have a family.


It can be difficult to find your audience and know you’re spending your time, energy, and money wisely. With the focus groups and pods within the Momma Has Goals App and Web Platform you know you’ll connect with YOUR potential customers. Groups are split up from season life, age of children, interest and home dynamic. Resources are able to interact, promote and engage with all members of all groups. Our only rule to self promotion is provide value first- in each post.

If you’re passionate about women prioritizing their best version of themselves and their own dreams, passions and goals without sacrificing family, this is your movement to jump on!

If you love connecting wind kind hearted ambitious women and providing your support and resources through value and leading them to their own version of success- this is the platform for you!

If you think sharing your skill has got too complicated, regulated, and expensive and you just want to help people while getting paid your worth- we agree!

If you’re excited about the mission of Momma Has Goals and want to sit shotgun and join the movement- we’re so excited to have you!


The platform

From our community


Additional collaborations


Have the community fall in love with you!

Include a video or PDF, Promote your Brand how you choose!

Link to your platforms!

Next steps

After selecting your resource level of choice you will receive an email with a link to complete your content form. Here you will upload your bio, videos, pdfs, and links for your resource page.

In most cases, your page will be complete and sent back to you for approval within one week. You will receive a loom video walking through your page. Once approved you’ll sign a content release to share your resource material with our community.

During this time you also have the availability to become an affiliate! For any new resources you send our way and they join a resource tier you will receive 30% for the price paid the first year and 10% for every year to follow.

Prior to your resource page going live to our community you will receive a schedule of all other promotions based on the tier level you chose via email with an onboarding video. Any questions Kelsey is happy to meet with you!


We absolutely love when our resources engage with our community members but it is not required. We do like to note the more you provide value and support the more members will look to your for your services- but engagement is not required at any level by resources.

We love hearing what would work best for your business and brand! Email kelsey@community.mommahasgoals.com to see if it’s a good fit

Due to the nature of the promotion and the effort we put in up front we do not provide payment plans for resource partnerships.

Prior to your page being approved by you, a full refund is available. After your page is approved by you and live, no refunds are available for resource partnerships.

Book a time to chat with Kelsey here or send an email to Kelsey@community.mommahasgoals.com

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