Taking Ownership for Your Life with Meghan O’Brien

Taking Ownership for Your Life with Meghan O’Brien

Meghan helps moms reconnect to their identity outside of motherhood, learn to put themselves first without guilt, and develop a mindset that focuses on being confident in who they are and what they want without sacrificing their family or their dreams.

About Meghan O’Brien

Meghan O’Brien is a podcast host, motivational speaker, mindset coach and founder of The Reconnected Momma. She is a mom to three loud, crazy, silly, loving little boys and wife to a hard-working, incredibly smart, handsome fella.

After checking all the boxes in life- graduating from college, starting her career, getting married, and welcoming her first son- Meghan thought she was on the path to happiness and fulfillment. However, even though she was crushing her goals, peace and contentment always seemed just out of reach.

Boy number one was closely followed by another, and she quickly went from thriving to surviving. She was thrown into the deep-end of motherhood. While trying to navigate her new world of sleepless nights, dirty diapers, pumping in the work bathroom, and endless piles of laundry (as well as working a full-time job and trying to set up date-nights and planning perfect birthdays a la Pinterest), she lost herself. Meghan lost sight of who she was outside of being a wife and a mom, her career, her daily to-do list.

After not being able to shake the feeling that being a mom wasn’t the end-all-be-all for her, she took the first step on the Reconnected journey.

After a few years of taking time to focus on who she was and what she wanted, (as well as another boy later, lots of conversations with moms who felt the same loss of connection to themselves, and making tons of mistakes along the way) Meghan KNEW her calling was to help other moms become the BEST versions of themselves without sacrificing who they are or what they want in the process.

10 Things You Can Do Today 
to Take Back Control of Your 
Life, Reduce Overwhelm, and 
Create More Time for The 
Things You Love

My four tips on Life & Motherhood

Ditch the idea of balance, it’s not possible. Instead try to focus on how you can create harmony between each area of your life.

Choose the type of mom you want to be. You get to decide how you will show up for your family and what is important to you and let go of any expectation that isn’t authentic for you.

Forgive yourself often. Moms are so incredibly hard on themselves for the mistakes they make. We are all trying our best and we don’t know what we don’t know. We are human just like everyone else and trying to figure it all out as we go. As long as you commit to learning and growing from your mistakes you are on the right path.

Ask for help. We cannot do everything on our own no matter how much we want to or try to. The BIGGEST favor you can do for yourself is allow other people to help take things off your plate.


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