Time Management with Jessie Halvorsen

Time Management with Jessie Halvorsen

Jessie, located in Wyoming, USA- is a Virtual Assistant and has a membership for mom entrepreneurs (accountability and support). She offers consulting, has a merchandise store, and provides many courses/resources. While Jessie mainly works with mom entrepreneurs around managing time, creating space, and shifting priorities, her resources on time management benefit anyone. Here she will provide you with resources around mastering and saving time!

About Jessie

As the founder of Mom Elevated, Jessie Halvorsen’s goal was to create a way for mom entrepreneurs to manage time, create space, and shift priorities. Jessie Halvorsen is a visibility specialist and mom of three beautiful souls who manages and creates consistent content for swamped entrepreneurs to recenter and refocus them on running, growing, and elevating their business. She also helps mom entrepreneurs build their villages and step into their version of a superhero suit confidently and proudly with her membership group. To solidify both, she empowers everyone through positive, fun, uplifting merchandise. Jessie holds a degree in both music and accounting, a certification in bridal consulting, and absolutely adores hearing everyone’s story (we ALL have one). Struggles are easier when they’re shared, and that’s simply what she’s created with her services and offerings — a way to help share your struggles so they’re not all only on your shoulders. When you succeed, Mom Elevated succeeds. Together, we soar!

Business and mom life is tough. Learn HOW and WHY time management will help.

Jessie breaks down the benefits of Time Management as a foundation for time management journey!

Mastering Your Time Live Training

Saving Time Live Training

Jessie helps moms in four main ways:


Taking tasks off your plate to help alleviate the pressure and keep the business running while you chase your kids with Mom Elevated Virtual Assistant Services.


Providing a central, safe space for you to connect and commiserate with others while learning from guest experts and getting accountability and alignment with the Mom Elevated Society.


Giving you go-at-your-own-speed options to implement in your busy calendar as you see fit. All about reducing overwhelm and making your life easier with Mom Elevated Resources and Products.


Lifting spirits with fun, light-hearted, and true gear that you can surround yourself with and don as a reminder to smile and keep on keepin’ on with the Mom Elevated Merchandise Store.


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