Time MOMagement with Marisa Lonic

Time MOMagement & Biz MOMagement with Marisa Lonic

The juggle is real. Between mom life, work life, wife life, fill in the blank life, our goals can end up taking a back seat easily.

Marisa Lonic will show you how to manage your time and priorities, so you can turn your big dreams into achievable, actionable goals into your reality.

About Marisa Lonic

Marisa Lonic is a keynote speaker, life & business coach, 3x author, top-rated podcast host and the founder of Mama Work It. After spending nearly 15 years in corporate leadership positions.

Marisa shifted gears to become a full-time Time Momager & Biz Momager. Through her books, courses, and coaching programs, she helps busy moms juggling mom life, work life, wife life, fill in the blank life. Her time management and goal achievement strategies have helped the most overwhelmed mamas turn their dreams into reality, even when they thought they had no time to make any of it happen.

When she’s not supporting working parents with the daily juggle, you can find her cooking and baking delicious meals her kids may or may not eat, running (ok fine – walking/running) in her neighborhood, and hanging out with the five amazing guys she calls family (her husband and four kiddos).

Marisa’s 4 questions to consider to manage your to-do list


How many things are on your list?
Set realistic expectations


Are you being held hostage by some of these items or waiting for someone else?
Move out of your mind and move to a different paper until the person has done their part or it’s closer to the deadline


Third, is confusion or doubt or some other form of self-sabotage causing you to stop halfway through the task and not complete it?
Step out of fear and take action! You are in control!


Fourth and final question, is this still on your list because it’s simply uninteresting AF?
Delegate-Delegate-Delegate! Find a tool, resource, or human to do that for you!


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